120+ Best Friend Wedding Captions for Instagram in 2024

Best friend Wedding Captions: In this era of social media, weddings are incomplete without photography. And when it is your best friend’s wedding ceremony, then there is no question. You are going to take lots of photos with the newlyweds and wanna post them on social media platforms.

At that time you may search for the best wedding captions to upload your photos. Because a perfect caption helps you to get more likes. It also upholds your personality to your followers.

Yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we have provided “120+ Best friend Wedding Captions for Instagram”. You can choose the perfect one and use it as your captions. We hope each one will be able to fulfill your expectations.

Let’s dive into the list below.

Captions for Best Friend Wedding

  • Weddings are the union of two hearts and families. Wish to keep the bond of relationships strong.
  • We heartily wish for our new couple to lead a perfect wedding life.
  • A wedding is the stage of a lucky person’s life. But our friendship is a lifetime achievement. We are giving gifts on this occasion of your wedding but don’t forget that our love is mischievous. 
  • #HappyMarriedLife
  • I’m sure that you have got your real partner. Now it’s the time to spend the rest of your life full of happiness and pettiness. Dear, God bless you!
  • Congratulations on your wedding, dear bestie. All the happiness goes to you.
  • Today you have held your real partner’s hand. Never let go of this hand. Wish you no grief in your life. #newbride
  • You are the perfect match I’ve ever seen. Let us pray for you and the new one for a happy future. All The Best, Dude.
  • Today is your Wedding Day. Simply this day is going to be one of the most memorable days in your life. My prayer is not only for this great day but also for the rest of your life filled with joy and happiness. #bestfriendwedding
  • Love your partner every second, every minute, even every moment. 
  • Congratulations to my friend on getting stuck with her forever. #newgrooms
  • Dear, you are going to be locked around the wall. Break that wall with your hidden love.
  • Finally, your dream came true. You got her. Joy and happiness are waiting for both of you.
  • Dear newlyweds, Congratulations to one of the best couples I know. #bestfriendwedding
  • Watching you together is like a chemical reaction of two elements that creates a different compound.
  • Best wishes on this amazing journey.
  • May the days ahead be filled with long-lasting happiness. #bestfriendwedding
  • May your moments bring more joy than you can imagine.
  • Today is the beginning of a long, happy, and peaceful journey.
  • It is the time to spread out your love and happiness through the years. #bestfriendwedding
  • Wishing your love turns into a never-ending love.

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Best Friend Getting Married Caption

  • May your married life give you the most lovely memories which you have not received before.
  • Congratulations, Newlyweds! My best wishes to you from the very core of my heart.
  • Dear, you have reached your destination to create unforgettable memories. So make it wonderful, crazy, and fantastic. God be with you. #bestfriendwedding
  • The two stars have met together. Now make your own planet.
Best Friend Getting Married Caption
  • Today is the day when two bodies and souls are going to become one. Best of luck, dear.
  • Be happy and set an example for us so that it can inspire us to say goodbye to bachelor life. 
  • On this beautiful day, I have a precious gift for you, and that is “LOVE”. Give it yourself.
  • This couple glitterings like a pearl.
  • May make your married life like a diamond.
  • There is no special day like a wedding day for a couple. Keep it up.
  • Congratulations! Happy ending.
  • Marriage ends a story and starts a new one. Wish to be the hero of that story.
  • Welcome, to the world of Chemistry. #bestfriendwedding
  • On your special day, all my wishes are only for your happiness and togetherness forever.
  • Life is beautiful when you get the best partner. I hope you got it. Keep going on.
  • Dear best friend, welcome to the dangerous world. We are going to miss hanging out and having late-night parties. Yet Happy Married Life.
  • Dear bestie, from today, you have to maintain a new routine. Never forget your friends. We are all with you. God bless you.
  • Never think of your married life as a war. But you have to survive in this field. Warm wishes for victory on that ground. #bestfriendwedding
  • Finally, the day has come to tell someone ever special, “I LOVE YOU”.
  • Tonight is one of the best nights for you. Go ahead. Wishing you a wonderful, thrilling married life.
  • Congratulations to the new bride and groom. Wishing you a life full of happiness and care.

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Best Friend (Girl) Wedding Captions

  • Life is a collection of moments.
  • May the Almighty give you a lifetime of love and happiness.
  • A night of beautiful memories.
  • So happy to see you getting married.
  • Dear new bride, we gave you a piece of our heart. Please take care of her.
  • Wishing you both all the love. #bestfriendwedding
  • I’m truly so fortunate to be your friend. Today I had such a wonderful time with the most beautiful bride ever.
  • My sweet princess is getting married.
  • Definitely, it was a beautiful wedding.
  • It’s time to cheer. #bestfriendwedding
  • Sometimes family is not always by blood.
  • Still can’t believe she’s married.
  • It’s a great moment to see you as the most beautiful and happy bride ever.
  • Dear bestie, all my love on your wedding day.
  • Happiness overload! I’m so happy and proud of you, baby.
  • You are my lady forever. #bestfriendwedding
  • Really I’m honored to be a part of the beginning of another chapter of your life.
  • It’s the time to hang out forever. #weddingparty
  • From now all of your happiness will start with her.
  • Hope you will make her believe in love. #bestfriendwedding
  • Honey, you’re looking like a beauty queen with your red wedding dress. I can’t take my eyes off.  #bestfriendwedding #beautyqueen
  • Two loving person’s wedding. Such a special day.
  • Best friend’s wedding. Have to keep morality high.

Best Friend (Boy) Wedding Captions

  • Happy memories, happy moments, good friends.
  • I will never forget these unforgettable moments.
  • Can’t be happier for these two new brides.
  • Many many happy years ahead for both of you. #newlybride
  • Congratulations man! I’m so lucky to have you by my side.
  • Best of the best wishes on my best friend’s wedding.
  • Cheers to a happy wedding.
  • My favorite boy is getting married soon. #bestfriendwedding
  • We, all the guys, totally enjoyed every moment of your wedding.
  • Photo dump of the awesome man’s wedding ceremony.
  • Wishing you so much happiness that lasts a lifetime.
  • Memorable moments of @steve’s wedding party. #weddingday
  • Special day, special moments, special guys.
  • Congratulations on the new chapter. May light and happiness shine upon both of you.
  • From now, your life is incomplete without her. #bestbrideever
  • Every day you have to prove that your happiness really exists.
  • I wish both of you are united by love and care.
  • Wish your togetherness lasts forever. #bestfriendwedding
  • Both of you have tied not only the knot but also your heart and soul.
  • My best partner, so glad to be part of the best bride’s wedding.
  • This is not a day like other days, and this is my bestie’s wedding day. #bestfriendwedding
  • Finally, you’ve found your other half. #bestfriendwedding

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Wedding Instagram Captions for Bridesmaids

  • I appreciate your courage. You are tying the knot. May both of you stay together for the rest of your life with love. #bestfriendwedding
  • This is a great milestone for both of you. Best wishes for your next journey.
  • You have connected two families and made a chance to share your happiness. Congrats, new bride and groom. #bridemaids
Wedding Instagram Captions for Bridesmaids
  • How nice! You found each other.
  • A day full of beautiful moments with beautiful guys.
  • You can’t imagine how gorgeous you were in your wedding dress! Dear best friend, my hearty congratulations to you.
  • Dear bestie, do you know that you have written your name in the Guinness Book? You have done the impossible thing, like getting married. Also added another couple to the World Couple Statics. Warm Congratulations! #bridemaids
  • You are like the shade of a banyan tree for your princess. Have an amazing journey.
  • I’m really grateful that you invited me.
  • You are going to be locked in. #bridemaids
  • Finally, you have won the world cup.
  • Welcome to the never-ending journey.
  • Congrats on being stuck with her forever!
  • I’ve no special words to celebrate this beautiful couple’s wedding day. #bestfriendwedding
  • Can’t wait to start the photoshoot of the new groom. #bridemaids
  • Oh my God! My beauty queen looks so beautiful on her wedding day. #bestfriendwedding

Thank you so much for taking a look at this wonderful list of ‘Best Friend Wedding Captions for Instagram’. These are the most beautiful words to post on your best friend’s wedding photography. We are sure that your best friend must love these captions when he/she will see his/her wedding photos posted with these beautiful and cute words. Thank you so much for being with us.

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