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Birthday Captions for Nephew: Birthdays are always special. And when it’s your cute nephew’s birthday, then there is nothing to say. You definitely have many plans to celebrate the day and surprise your handsome nephew. You may arrange a birthday party or have unique gifts for the little kid.

Whatever you want to share, the birthday party photos or videos on your Instagram account or other social media platforms. You need the perfect caption for the birthday celebration photos. Coz if your nephew is a little one and can’t understand the captions, they will be able to see all the beautiful captions on your Insta account when they grow up. So, you need the best captions to say ‘Happy Birthday Nephew’.

That’s why we are sharing the beautiful collections on “Best Birthday Captions for Nephew’. We hope that you will find the best captions here. And we are sure that you will love these beautiful captions.

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Birthday Captions for Nephew from Aunt

My favorite little man is turning 3 tomorrow. Wishing you a fabulous nephew. You bring a smile to our faces. We love you, our sunshine.

It’s my nephew’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Cute. You never let me get bored at all. #HappyBirthDay

Happy birthday my little boss. You are the most talented and genius baby in the world. And your aunt loves you more than anything. We all love you.

Happy birthday to my little batman. Wishing you to grow up to be a good human. #nephewlove

You are the most talented boy I have seen in my life. Take my heart-touching wishes for your days ahead.

Ending the weekend with a happy heart and celebrating our nephew’s 2nd birthday.

My little boy is turning 3 today. You are such a brave and brilliant kid. I feel so blessed to be your Aunt. #nephewbirthday

Happy birthday to my sweet pumpkin. The best thing I get to do in life by loving you. It truly brings me joy. #nephewbirthday

Happy birthday to my brave boy. You’re the reason that makes our life wonderful. God bless you. #nephewbirthday

I wanna wish my cute nephew a very happy birthday. So glad to celebrate your birthday.

Happy birthday to my little best friend. May all your wishes come true. And enjoy your days. #HappyBirthDay #nephewlove

Happy birthday to the most handsome baby in my life. You’re wonderful in every way. We love you, buddy.

Birthday Captions for Nephew from Aunt

Happy birthday to my little peanut. You’re the naughty boy forever. Still, you’re the apple of everyone’s eye. #birthdayboy #naughtyboy

Happy birthday my little rockstar. You are the most pampered kid in our house.

My nephews 6 month celebration. #NephewsBirthday

Happy birthday my beautiful nephew. Auntie wishes you a lifetime of happiness.

It’s my baby’s first birthday. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. #nephewbirthday

Happy 10th birthday to my ice cream boy. Can’t believe that 10 years have passed. Time really flies.

You have enriched my life with love. #HappyBirthDay #nephewlove

Happy birthday to my favorite little man. You know how to steal one’s heart.

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Birthday Captions for Nephew from Uncle

Happy birthday to my little nephew. Your birthday celebration gives us a fantastic time. You are the reason for the reunion of our family members near and far. Definitely, you are the hero of this weekend.

Happy birthday to my favorite 4 years old. You try to keep me cool but always find a way to make me think I’m cool. Love being the uncle of such a great nephew.

Happy birthday our little prince, our first child of this generation. You are such a brilliant kid. Much love from Aunt and me. #nephewlove

Happy birthday to my sweet nephew, who is turning 4 today. You deserve the best kid award from your uncle. #nephewlove #nephewsbirthday

Nephew’s birthday lunch. Had a great lunch with my beloved family. #nephewbirthday

Happy 5th birthday to my handsome nephew. Time flies. You were just 4 last year. Wishing you lovely days ahead. #HappyBirthDay

It has been 1 year since you have shown up. Thank you for giving us much entertainment. #nephewbirthday

Happy birthday my baby. Hope you ahead an amazing birthday. We love our prince. #nephwelove #birthdayboy

Happy birthday my sweetest nephew. Uncle loves you very much. Wishing you a happy 6th birthday.

Happy birthday handsome young man. You taught me how to pamper kids.

Today is the crazy boy’s birthday. We’re so excited to celebrate all the birthdays still to come ahead. #HappyBirthdayNephew

Happy birthday my little athlete. May you forever be as loving as you are now.

Happy birthday my little superhero. I can’t imagine my life without you. Although you are little enough, my dreams for you are so big.

Happy birthday my little shadow. I hope you will do great things in life.

Happy birthday my ice cream boy. You are the smartest little boy I’ve ever met. #birthdayboy

This is the birthday of our little monster. His little hands stole my heart, and your sweet smile melted our grief.

Happy birthday to the most amazing nephew. You are like my son. I hope you understand How much I love you. #nephewlove #birthdayboy

Fun-filled birthday celebration. #nephewbirthday

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Nephew Birthday Captions from Aunt

Happy 3rd birthday to my dearest nephew. It has been 3 years since you came into our lives and gave us priceless happiness. Wish to have the most beautiful days ahead. #nephewlove #happybirthday

It’s my nephew’s birthday party. Dancing the night away. #birthdayparty #nephewlove

You aren’t just 2. You’re too sweet and too cute. Kisses from your auntie. #HappyBirthDay

You’re the most talented and adorable nephew ever. Happy 4th birthday to the perfect nephew.

Happy 1st birthday to our little king. You’re a wonderful addition to our family. You are the reason to delight my eyes. #happybirthday #nephewbirthday

Beauties are here. First birthday celebration of my little dude. #nephewlove

Happy birthday naughty boy. Stay cheerful and happy always. And be a good boy also. #NaughtyBoysBirthday #nephewbirthday

The love of my love is turned ONE. #HappyBirthDay

My handsome nephew’s birthday. Hope your birthday is full of excitement. Love you always

Happy birthday precious. You’re the most precious and priceless gift from the Almighty. Words can’t express how much I love you. #nephewsbirthday

Happy birthday my monkey boy. Your smile compelled one to be happy. Your naughty movements fill our hearts with joy. #nephewlove #monkeyboy

Birthday celebration of the new teenager. My beloved nephew has turned 13 today. Cheers to the boy who made me an aunt. #nephewlove #birthday

Happy birthday to the life of our families party. Have a blissful life.

Happiest birthday to the best nephew ever. I hope you always stay adorable. #auntlove #nephewbirthday

Happy birthday my sweet baby. Auntie loves you forever.

Happy birthday to this young man who stole all my attention who stole my heart. I’m not just your aunt, I’ll be your best friend forever.

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Nephew Birthday Captions from Uncle

Happy 5th birthday to my lovely friend. We got a scope to spend unforgettable family time. We all love you. #nephewbirthday

My love has turned ONE today. Your uncle is major missing you. #happybirthday

My dear nephew, happy birthday to you. You’re turning 13. Officially you’re a teenager now.

Wishing you the best. #13celebration #birthdayboy

Happy birthday to my best partner. You’re growing so fast, and some days you act older. Lots of love from auntie and me.

You are so smart and kind-hearted with a lot of hilarious. May every day be a happy day for you. #nephewlove

Today my dearest nephew turns FIVE. I love watching my little dude grow. I love you forever, baby.

Can’t believe my nephew is 18 today. So proud of you, young man.

My amazing nephew, happy 8th birthday. Hope your days are as awesome as yours.

Happy first love. Uncle loves you the most.

Celebrating my adorable nephew’s third birthday. Definitely, it’s a great day. #birthdaycelebration

Nephew Birthday Captions from Uncle

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Our prince is already TEN. Welcome to double digits. I’m so lucky to be a part of your life so far. #HappyBirthdayNephew

Happy birthday my boy. You are my FIRST nephew and number ONE love. #nephewlove #birthdayboy

Happy FIRST birthday to our little crew. I hope your days are filled with joy and many blessings. #nephewbirthday

Happy birthday little champ. I’m glad to be a part of your life. You’re just awesome. #HappyBirthDay

Happy 18th born day to my caring nephew. Your uncle is getting older, and you are getting younger, my boy. #nephewlove

Happy birthday to the best nephew I have seen. Love you and those dimples.

TWO years of loving you. Happy 2nd, my sweet boy.

My very handsome nephew turns SEVEN today. Dear, study hard and brighten your future.

Happy birthday little man. God bless you with enormous happiness and success in life.

My little prince, happiest birthday to you. You’re truly amazing and very close to my heart.

Happy birthday to this perfect little boy. #nephewlove

Happy birthday to the boy who makes my day better with just a smile. I’m not just your uncle, I’ll be your best friend forever

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Happy Birthday Nephew

You have placed in my heart. Now you are 12 years old. I love how cool and laid-back you are! I wish may God watch over you. #HappyBirthDay #nephewlove

Happy birthday my nephew. You are extremely lucky coz you have such an amazing uncle. And I’m also lucky coz I have such a talented nephew. Accept my endless love, dear.

Happy 3rd Birthday, little one. Sending all my hugs.

Happy birthday to my cute and curious nephew. You stole everyone’s heart the moment you arrived. Have a beautiful celebration. #nephwelove #birthdayparty

This is my handsome boy. Look at him. Just a few days ago, he was in my hand. Now, he is turning to FIVE. Time sure does fly by fast. Happy birthday, nephew.

Happy birthday to my crazy nephew. You may be naughty enough, but you are also smart and caring.

Happy 1st birthday to my gorgeous nephew. Only you can make crying look cute. You’re just amazing. #bithdayboy

Celebrating my gorgeous nephew’s 2nd birthday. You are the most loveable little boy I know. Thanks for being the best nephew.

Happy birthday to the coolest nephew in this world. This world needs more of you. Love you, my little man.

Dear nephew, I know about your craziness. Normal is boring for you. Your craziness gives us the best moments. Happy Birthday my boy.

Happy sweet 5th birthday to my sweet nephew. You’re my favorite little man in the world. Love you a lot

Happy 2nd birthday to my heart. Today is your day. Definitely, you deserve the best wishes from my heart.

Happy 2nd birthday, my boy. Wishing you the best days ahead and all the cake you can eat.

My beautiful boy is turning TWO today. I love to see his face every morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime. Hugs and kisses from auntie.

Happy birthday to our superhero. You are the sunshine in our lives.

Birthday party celebration of my handsome nephew. Welcome to FOUR. Wishing you a special day full of fun.

Happy birthday, Mr. Handsome. Keep being energetic and uniquely you. Praying you to have a wonderful and blessed birthday week.


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