Cute Pregnancy Captions for Instagram to Express Your Words

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman, and it is one of the most hazardous journeys a woman goes through in her life. So, she wants to make this journey memorable by capturing some photos and sharing them on Instagram or other social media with cute pregnancy captions.

There are a lot of ways to express the beautiful miracle of your pregnancy. Here, we have gathered over 200 ‘Cute Pregnancy Captions for Instagram’ for you. So pick the perfect one to announce pregnancy on Instagram to inform the people you know.

Perfect Pregnancy IG Captions

  • It’s almost time, and the excitement and nervousness grow.
  • Infinite love loading. #pregnancylove❤️
  • 30 weeks of growing with you. #babybump #pregnancy
  • After all, you are the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside. #babylove
  • Creating memories that last a lifetime.❤️
  • We made a wish, and you came true. #pregnancylove❤️ #couplegoal
  • 25 weeks preparing to fall in love for a lifetime.🤰🏻❤️
  • Swipe for a change of angle that makes all of the difference. #babybumplove❤️
  • Everything is growing, spreading, and changing. It can be hard to accept sometimes. I’m trying to worry less about the changes, though, and focus more on the beautiful miracle of this pregnancy.
  • Something is cooking.😀
  • Enjoying every moment.🤰🏻 #pregnancylife
  • 30 weeks of pure happiness and joy. Waiting for my most precious gift. #babybump🤰🏻❤️
  • My little pineapple, remember that I love you so much that for you, I will fight all the difficulties of the world.
  • Enjoying this magical journey. #pregnancyjourney
  • My little baby, I’ve loved you from the start.
  • You’re the closest I will ever come to magic.
  • 20 weeks today. Halfway baked, baby boy. #pregnancyjourney
  • A little bit of heaven in my life. #babybumplove❤️
  • I’m the happiest every time I feel the baby move.
  • I’m happy that just a little bit more and I’ll be a mother of two. #pregnancylife
  • You have my heartbeat. #babylove
  • I’m feeling more pregnant as the day passed by.😀
  • It’s just a waiting game. #pregnancyjourney
  • Every day brings me closer to the day. #pregnancylife
  • Words can’t express the joy of new life.
  • Savoring these last moments, my little princess. Full of tears.
  • This little miracle will soon make our world more beautiful and happier.
  • We are so impatiently waiting for you, little champ.

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Pregnancy Instagram Captions

  • A baby is proof that we’ll always live even when we die. #babybump #pregnancylove❤️
  • The most beautiful emotions are the ones you can’t explain. #pregnancy #pregnancylife
  • Love is not divided. It multiplies.
  • When the meaning of love turns into the most beautiful love story. #pregnancy
  • Some precious remembrance before her arrival.
  • Little one, we’ve been keeping a little secret. We love you so much already. #pregnancydiary
  • In love with my maternity photos.❤️
  • Awaiting the gentlest arrival under nature’s masterpiece.
  • I’m trying to enjoy every moment of the beautiful stage of pregnancy. #pregnancyjourney
  • There is nothing I adore more than you, my little guy.
  • Ready for the day? I’ll be walking the beach with you in my arms, little champ.
  • My precious little baby, you are my tiny miracle, lying close to my heart. #pregnancyjourney❤️
  • It was such an incredible trip that it seems to be passed too quickly, but now there is just so much desire to meet you. #pregnancydiary #babybump
  • For nothing, it makes me happier than knowing that your first home was inside of me, my little champ. #pregnancybump❤️ #babybumplove❤️
  • Little one, you’re so loved. We’re eagerly waiting for you.
  • My little loves.
  • Your dad and I can’t wait to meet you, little champ.
  • It’s due date month. #pregnancy #pregnancyfashion
  • God’s gracious gift. #pregnancylove❤️ #babybump
  • And to think that soon you’ll be in our arms. #pregnancylove❤️
  • Look how beautiful my belly is!
  • Baby loading. Gorgeous and glowing. #pregnancylove❤️
  • Happiness grows in the belly. #pregnancyvibe
  • 33 weeks and cute the panic attacks.
  • Looking forward to meeting my baby.
  • Child, your energy brings more love and happiness into our lives.

Pregnancy Bump Captions for Instagram

  • Loving every moment of this pregnancy.
  • Capturing my pregnancy moods.
  • The changes in my body due to the presence of a new life make me truly special. #pregnancybump❤️
  • Experiencing life while carrying you inside has been both a challenge, a miracle, and a blessing.
  • Being a new mom is definitely worth a celebration. #pregnancybump❤️
  • My most beautiful self.🤰🏻 #pregnancydiary
  • The joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.
  • It’s so beautiful to have a child but to be blessed with twins. It becomes even more beautiful. #pregnancybump❤️
  • Can’t believe we’re halfway baked.
  • Embracing every moment of this beautiful life journey. #pregnancyjourney
  • Taking advantage of the sunny days even though it’s killing me with this bump.
  • It’s a forever kind of love. #pregnancyjourney
  • Taking as many pictures of my bump as possible to help me remember this magical time.
  • Celebrating my body. #pregnancybump❤️
  • My little guy, you don’t know it yet, but you’re already so remarkably loved.
  • The little man is getting so big.
  • Still crazy to believe I’m going to be someone’s mom.
  • I can’t wait to feel the perfume that will steal my soul. #pregnantlife
  • Counting the days to meet you, my little angel.
  • Bumping and loving every minute. #pregnancybump❤️
  • Embracing all the changes for our little one to bloom.
  • Capturing a few more memories with the bump.
  • I think it is so cute. And I absolutely love my bump right now. #pregnancybump❤️
  • At last, my dream has come true to experience this blessing. #pregnancy
  • Body changes, building a new life.
  • Enjoy every bite of some of my favorite foods before the little one arrives.😀🤰🏻
  • We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch.❤️

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Beautiful Pregnant Captions for Instagram to Announce Pregnancy

  • I can’t wait to scrutinize every part of you and to meet your eyes for the first time. #pregnantlife
  • Growing up together. #pregnantlife
  • So this is love. #pregnantbelly🤰🏻
  • Love does not require grand gestures. She shows up in the smallest of looks and touches.
  • Halfway there. Loving every second of this journey of growing our baby.
  • I can’t keep calm. I’m due this month.😀
  • Sleepless nights and uncomfortable days are now what it’s about. #pregnantlife
  • I believe that I’m a queen, and I have got this. #pregnancy🤰🏻
  • We are already at 20 weeks. So exciting!
  • A part of my heart out, a part of my heart in. #happypregnancy #besthusband
  • Grateful for you and the life we’ve created together. #pregnancydiary #couplegoal
  • Coz no one knows how long the 8th month will be. #pregnancyjourney
  • The meeting day is getting closer.#babybump
  • I feel like I’ve known you for thousand years, but really our time together is just getting started. #pregnancyjourney
  • Growing a little miracle and glowing from within. #pregnantlife
  • Happy days call for happy selfies. #pregnancyselfie
Beautiful Pregnant Captions for Instagram

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  • I’m in love with a person I haven’t met yet. #pregnancybump❤️
  • When obsessing over my bump was a thing.
  • We are almost halfway through our pregnancy together. Time is going by so fast that I didn’t even realize it. #19weeks #pregnantlife
  • Baby girl, you’re the one that will make me a mom.
  • My body is changing so much. I feel really happy when your daddy tells me how beautiful I’m every day. #pregnantlife❤️
  • Trying to keep myself busy lately. #pregnantlife
  • Let the beautiful moments last forever.
  • You and I always go through everything. #pregnantlife #couplegoal
  • Let the countdown begin. #15days
  • I’ll remember the last frames of my pregnancy belly forever.
  • Beautiful parents are eagerly waiting for their princess. #babybumplove❤️

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Instagram Captions for Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is a unique experience, and I’m sure all moms will agree with me.
  • Being a mother is something absolutely new.
  • Motherhood has taught me to cherish every precious moment, embrace the chaos and find joy in the simplest things.🤰🏻❤️ #pregnancyjourney #pregnancydiary
  • Bringing life into this beautiful world. #pregnancylove❤️
  • This part of my life with love and happiness. #pregnancydiary
  • Walking around in my #babybump.
  • Hey, a little pineapple, patiently waiting to meet you.
  • Not every day of pregnancy is easy, but it brings me closer to you every day. #pregnancyjourney
  • It’s amazing how a pregnant woman’s body changes from week to week.
  • A baby is like a flower that blooms forever.
  • Every miracle takes time. #firtsttimemom #pregnancy
  • Being a mother is the most beautiful and important role for me.
  • The sunset to remember forever.
  • Living for the moment.❤️
  • Together, we carry you. Together, we grow with you.
  • Cherishing a growing in my belly.
  • Life’s greatest miracle is to have life growing inside of us. #pregnantlife 
  • Having a child is accepting that your heart is leaving your body and walking by your side forever. #pregnantmom
  • A pregnancy photo shoot at sunset is simply the best. #babybumps #pregnantphoto
  • Little champ, you are so loved.
  • I can feel my stomach stretching inside, but to see it as such a beautiful thing.
  • Feeling huge and swollen but also cute.
  • Simply can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.
  • I’m proud of many things, but what I’m most proud of is being your mom. #pregnancylove❤️
  • We THREE in one frame.❤️


How to make a pregnancy announcement?

Getting pregnant, especially if it is your first time, you want to make your pregnancy announcement in a unique way. There are a lot of ways to celebrate your pregnancy! You can post one photo on social media to make the announcement instead of individually informing people you know. Among million of ideas, we’ve gathered some pregnancy announcement ideas that are unique, beautiful, and surprising. Let’s see and choose the perfect one.

  • Tiny shoes photo
  • Pregnancy card
  • Share a photo by holding a piece of the photo in front of your belly
  • Baby beach hat
  • Announce it with cake
  • Sharing how many weeks to go
  • Announce it with watermelon or pumpkin
  • Draw on the letterboard
  • Write “Coming Soon” as a caption
  • Suddenly asking for everyone’s prayers
  • Share a photo of hands and baby shoes
  • Beach chair at sunset
  • Ultrasound photo
  • Say it through the balloons
  • Number chalkboards
  • By drawing or writing something on the belly
  • Baby T-shirt surprise
  • Beautiful baby tattoos
  • Dad and Mom photoshoot
  • Baby clothes and gears


We hope that you have found Pregnancy Captions for Instagram” enjoyable to read. We are sure your Instagram followers will love these beautiful pregnancy IG captions. You must pass sleepless nights and uncomfortable days throughout your pregnancy journey. So, take more photos from the first week to the last and share the beautiful miracle of your pregnancy with the best pregnancy Instagram captions & quotes.

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